Introduction to UK reptiles and surveying Talk Tonight at 7pm!

Ben Harris from Froglife will be leading this talk as part of the Discovering Reptiles Project. Froglife are a national wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles and this project aims to improve participant’s knowledge of reptiles and their national recording throughout the UK. Ben has a number of years’ experience running reptile surveys and ecology talks whilst working as a ranger and project officer.The talk will cover common and widespread UK reptiles with an overview of their identification, and where and how to look for them.
It will be suitable for all audiences, and will especially appeal to anyone interested in wildlife and conservation. This course particularly suits those who:

• Wish to improve their identification skills of UK reptiles
• Is looking to gain knowledge on how to survey for reptiles – whether in their own garden or a public green space
• Looking for experience in the environmental sector
• Wish to learn about the importance of recording our reptile species and how doing so can make a real differenceJoin Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 825 516 589
Passcode: 5QXVNj

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