Fun Fact Friday!

This #factfriday we are fueling your insect knowledge with facts about the comma butterfly (Polygonia c-album).

Once only found in the south of England, this butterfly has colonised huge areas of the UK over the past 50 years and now breeds right up to central Scotland.

Their wings are scalloped and are commonly referred to as anglewing butterflies. They have brownish-orange wings with black marks when unfolded. When folded, they resemble a dead leaf and have a white curve on the underside which looks like a comma, hence their name.

Comma caterpillars are camouflaged to resemble bird droppings and are designed to keep predators away.

They have a flexible life cycle and, depending on the weather, some spring and early summer caterpillars develop into butterflies that go straight into hibernation. Others become adults that breed straight away and give rise to a new generation in the autumn.

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