About the Zoological Society

History of the Society: 

Glasgow University Zoological Society was founded in 1926 at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The society appears to have replaced a previous Zoological Society, taking over it funds and assets. In 1926, the object of the society was to “promote interest in Zoology by discussions, papers on Zoology, and excursions to places of zoological interest.” 

Office bearers were elected at the annual general meeting and included an Honorary President who was usually a professor of the department of Zoology, a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and four ordinary members, two of which were to be first year students. 

By 1963, the object of the society was still the same but membership was opened up to graduates of the university and staff members. An agricultural representative was also added to the committee and the four ordinary members were replaced by ordinary members from each academic year. 

Modern days: 

Today, ZooSoc is here to cater for all of your Zoological wants and needs. We hold regular meetings – usually in the Graham Kerr Building – where we invite different speakers to discuss a variety of interesting topics. 

Talks cover a broad spectrum of Zoology, Marine and Freshwater Biology, conservation, environmental issues, and so many more topics! Often our speakers come from all over the UK and even abroad to expand your lovely minds and fill them with fascinating knowledge. 

We also host numerous fun-filled events throughout the year – such as pub-crawls, documentary nights and ceilidhs. See our Upcoming Events or our Facebook Page to learn what we have in store! 

After every meeting we have cheese and wine (and beer) in the Zoology Museum, where you have the chance to talk to our guest speaker should you have any further questions, or you can just mingle, socialise and get pretty merry on the free wine! 

Following all that excitement it’s usual practice to head onto a bar for further drinks and a chance to get to know us rather attractive ZooSoc members that wee bit better. 

Membership for the entire year is £3.00 (that’s a year of free cheese & wine!) OR we recommend you join both ZooSoc and the Exploration Society (ExSoc) for a discounted price of just £5 for the two.

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need to be a Zoologist to join – all are welcome. 🙂 

We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces!