Our Committee

Zoological Society Committee for Academic Year 2020-2021

President – Amelia Revill-Hayward

Milly was Vice-President last year so knows just how to society works. She’s in charge of organising our events and overseeing the tasks of other committee members.

Milly’s favourite animal is an Orca!

Vice President – Emily McKelvie

This is Emily’s first year on the committee but was previously the President of the OneKind Society. She’s been a member of ZooSoc throughout her time at Uni and now it’s her role to assist Amelia in organising all the ZooSoc talks and events.

Emily’s favourite animal is an elephant!

Secretary – Monica Perry

Monica was our Social Sec last year and knows just how ZooSoc is run. She also holds the position of Exploration Society President for 2020-21 which gives her the opportunity to coordinate the joint events that our societies often have. Her experience on both committees will be very valuable to ZooSoc this year.

Monica’s favourite animal is a zebra!

Treasurer – Avery Holmes

Avery was our secretary last year, so we know our money’s in safe hands this year! Avery is in charge of getting membership from everyone and making sure we don’t overspend on humous and crisps at our events!

Avery’s favourite animal is a Giant Antarctic Sea Spider!

Publicity Officer – Eilidh Simon

This is Eilidh’s first year on the committee. She’s in charge of promoting our events to you across all our social medias – so you’ll be hearing from her a lot throughout the year.

Eilidh’s favourite animal is a wombat!

Social Sec – Sarah Williams

This is Sarah’s first year on the committee but she’s got big plans for some more legendary ZooSoc socials! Dig out your fancy dress for Sarah’s animal themed socials.

Sarah’s favourite animal is a beluga!

Web Convenor – Adrienne Amri

This is Adrienne’s first year on the committee. It’s her job to keep this beauty of a website up to date with all the latest news and events.

Adrienne’s favourite animals are snakes, especially garter snakes!

Vet Member – Zoë Cameron

Zoë has been our Vet Member of the ZooSoc committee for three years now. It’s her job to reach out to our friends at the UofG Vet School to get their students along to our talks which hold an interest for those studying veterinary sciences.

Zoë’s favourite animals is a tiger!

Ordinary Member – Maria Shlyakonova

Maria was chosen as our First Year Rep in December 2019 and we’re so glad you stuck with the committee for 2020-21! As an Ordinary Member, Maria will be tasked with organising the merchanidise, helping promote ZooSoc events in lectures, and producing our new newsletter!

Maria’s favourite animal is a barn owl!

Ordinary Member (OM) – Caitlin Murray

This is Caitlin’s first year on the committee. She’s got some great ideas about how we can improve our society. Caitlin will be tasked with organising the merchanidise, helping promote ZooSoc events in lectures, and producing our new newsletter!

Caitlin’s favourite animal is an elephant!

OM (MSci Rep) – Molly Davidson

Molly was successful in her application for the Integrated MSci offered at Glasgow. She will be spending 2020-21 on her placement with the RSPB. She will be bringing an insight of what it’s like to work within a conservation organisation, and hopefully arranging some fun activities at RSPB reserves! Molly will also be on hand for any advice regarding applying for the MSci

Molly’s favourite animal is a bilberry bumblebee!

Post-Grad Member – Agate Baumane

Agate has been involved with ZooSoc since Freshers week in her first year. 4 years and 3 ZooSoc committees later and Agate completed her Zoology BSc in 2020! She will be spending her 4th year on the committee as our Post-Grad Member, getting all the MSc and PhD students interested in ZooSoc events.

Agate’s favourite animal is an axolotl!

1st Year Member – ??

Our first year representative will be chosen in December 2020. A first year student who has jumped into all ZooSoc talks and events with enthusiasm will be an ideal candidate for this role. Their role will involve reaching out to other first year members who may not know anyone else with an interest in Zoology, and getting them to our events to get to know people with similar interests!

Outgoing Zoological Society Committee for Academic Year 2019-2020

Megan Oversby – President 2019-20
Avery Holmes – Secretary 2019-20
Molly Uzzell – Web Convenor 2019-20
Zoë Cameron – Vet Member 2019-20
Amelia Revill-Hayward – Vice President 2019-20
Belle Valiulis – Publicity Officer 2019-20
Our ZooSoc Committee 2019-20
Jess Young – Ordinary Member 2019-20
Agate Baumane – Treasurer 2019-20
Monica Perry – Social Secretary 2019-20
Alexandra Darling – Post-graduate Member 2019-20
Maria Shlyakonova – First Year Representative 2019-20