Our Committee

Zoological Society Committee for Academic Year 2022-2023

President – Martha Lowe

Martha has 2 years previous experience on the ZooSoc committee and we think she’ll do brilliantly in the coming year. She’s got lots of links with international wildlife organisations for some exciting talks and volunteering days. She’s also keen to help organise more charity fundraising and social events for Zoosoc in the upcoming year.

Vice President – Eilidh Cline

Eilidh has lots of great ideas for talks, trips and socials and wants to ensure Zoosoc is a positive and welcoming society for everyone!

Secretary – Holly Fraser

Holly has lots of enthusiasm for zoosoc and is looking forward to keeping the committee organised as well as giving advice to younger year groups about Zoology!

Treasurer – Abi McLelland

Abi has previous experience as our treasurer last year, so we know that Abi will be a great addition with all that previous knowledge and experience in our new committee!

Publicity Officer – Claire Whitehead

Claire has experience being on our committee before and is looking forward to revitalising our social media, making them more interactive with stories and posts!

Social Sec – Natalie Boddie

Natalie has experience being on our committee before and is looking forward to organising pub-crawls, animal-themed nights out and lots of more exciting events!

Web Convenor – Rebecca MacArthur

Rebecca has lots of enthusiasm for zoosoc and looks forward to helping to advertise our events and keep our website up to date!

Post Graduate member – Shannara Smith

Shannara has experience being on our committee before and is looking forward to promoting our events to post-grad students and supporting other new committee members!

Ordinary Member – Emily Goss

Emily has experience co-ordinating other committee member and helping out with events and we think they’ll be a great addition to the committee.

Ordinary Member – Orla Ferguson

Orla looks forward to being a point of contact for anyone interested in the society, advertising events and ensuring all our members have fun.

1st Year Member – ??

Our first year representative will be chosen in December 2022. A first year student who has jumped into all ZooSoc talks and events with enthusiasm will be an ideal candidate for this role. Their role will involve reaching out to other first year members who may not know anyone else with an interest in Zoology, and getting them to our events to get to know people with similar interests!

Outgoing Zoological Society Committee for Academic Year 2021-2022

Molly Davidson – President 2021-2022
Abi McLelland – Treasurer 2021-2022
Magda Butowska – Web Convenor / MSci member 2021-2022
Caitlin Murray – Vice President 2021-2022
Natalie Boddie – Publicity Officer 2021-2022
Abby Henry – Vet Member 2021-2022
Shannara Smith – Ordinary Member 2021-2022
Adrienne Amri – Secretary 2021-2022
Martha Lowe – Social Secretary 2021 2022
Claire Whitehead – ordinary Member 2021-2022

Outgoing Zoological Society Committee for Academic Year 2020-2021

Amelia Revill-Hayward – President 2020-21
Avery Holmes – Treasurer 2020-21
Adrienne Amri – Web Convenor 2020-21
Zoë Cameron – Vet Member 2020-21
Emily McKelvie – Vice President 2020-21
Eilidh Simon- Publicity Officer 2020-21
Our ZooSoc Committee 2020-21
Maria Shlyakonova – Ordinary Member 2020-21
Caitlin Murray – Ordinary Member 2020-21
Monica Perry – Secretary 2020-21
Sarah Williams – Social Secretary 2020-21
Agate Baumane – Post-graduate Member 2020-21
Molly Davidson – Ordinary Member -MSci rep 2020-21