Freshers Picnic!

Come along to our freshers picnic on Saturday 24th of September. We will be meeting at the flagpoles out the back of the Cloisters away from university avenue at 1pm and will then head to Kelvingrove Park for the picnic, games and getting to know everyone!

You don’t have to be a fresher or a zoologist to come along, anyone interested in animals and joining the society is more than welcome.

Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group needs your help!

To maintain the Bronze award from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, or even progress to the Silver award, the Glasgow Uni Hedgehog Group needs volunteers! To learn more about the project watch this video. To learn more about the UofG Hedgehog Friendly Campus, click here. You can also follow the UofG Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group on their facebook page. You can email to be added to the Glasgow University microsoft teams channel for quick updates about hedgehog friendly campus and to become part of the GU team!

ZooSoc AGM Starts tomorrow (17.05.2021)!

It’s time to elect our upcoming ZooSoc Committee!

Thank you to everyone who applied to be on the committee, we now have a variety of contested and uncontested positions! We’ll be announcing the uncontested positions first and then will follow on with voting for the contested positions throughout the week. Voting will be through google forms where you’ll be able to learn about each candidate and why they’re applying for the role!

Starting Monday we’ll be posting one role a day. Voting will be held over facebook, If you have any questions please get in touch!

! Committee Applications Open !

Fancy a role on the ZooSoc committee this year?

Being part of the committee is a great way to meet other like minded students, chat all things zoology and conservation, learn, and gain some skills along the way. There’s lots of roles available and you can see role descriptions here:…/1yzSpsBCuTEJIcsyBMy1d…/edit….

While some of the roles would benefit from prior experience we want a range of people for next years committee! If you’re interested but want some more information on the roles and what might fit you best please get in touch via our Facebook page or email (

Application Form:


We’ve got our final winner for this years photography competition! Thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to Meda for her second win! You voted for her beautiful capture of this Eurasian Nuthatch taken in the Botanical Gardens in October last year.

Thank you to everyone who entered, we had lots of amazing entries!

May be an image of bird and nature

Fun Fact Friday!

This weeks #FactFriday is looking at the Scottish Crossbill (Loxia scotica) !

The Scottish crossbill is a small passerine bird, belonging to the finch family. It is the only terrestrial vertebrate endemic to the UK and resides solely in Scottish Caledonian forests.

The Scottish crossbill manipulates pine cones with its heavy crossed bill to pull out the seeds, and builds bulky nests of twigs, heather and moss in the branches of Scots pine trees.

The species is morphologically almost identical to red and parrot crossbills and can virtually only be distinguished by its call, although even that needs to be confirmed on a sonogram. There are an estimated 6,800 breeding pairs in Scotland, however, the effects of a warming climate on this species could result in changes to the availability of their food (pine cones) and increase food scarcity. A warmer climate could also result in range expansion of other crossbill species, which may compete with the Scottish crossbill in these areas. Research into this topic is still new.

May be an image of bird and nature

Photography Competition 2021: People’s choice

The committee have voted for the winners in each category but we still have one winner left to choose: The Peoples Choice!

Visit our Facebook page to cast your vote! Each like = 1 vote. The winner will be the photo with the most likes so have a look through and choose your winner!

We’ll close the voting on Friday at 10 pm.


It’s time to announce the winners of this years photography competition!!

First off its the Best of the British Isles winner, congratulations Hugo on your beautiful capture of this female Red Grouse!

Taken in June 2020 in the Angus Glens, she was acting as a distraction so that her chicks could move to a safer location that was away from the track that we were walking on. We gave her plenty of room and moved on quickly after I took this.

We’ll be announcing the winners of each category today but don’t forget to vote for the people’s choice too! You can find the album on our facebook page, each like = a vote.

May be an image of nature